January 2013


long lasting & kissable 既 唇膏

YSL 新出既Rouge Volupte Shine亮采唇膏 真係好正~

簡單d講: 潤、超持久不脫色、出色度高

對於影Pre-wedding 相同big day 既brides, 呢支唇膏真係岩哂, 就算比新郎哥錫完都唔需要補妝 :-D 真係long lasting & kissable 既 唇膏 :)



佢個print ad 仲好正tim~~

Korean style hairdo

Shaynah really looks like Korean, so I think this Korean bridal style is suitable for her. :-P

By the way, her skin is as excellent as Korean girls’!!


Brides who have short hair can consider these classic updos…:)

Short Hair Bridal Styles

Some short hair brides may wonder what hair styles they can do. Actually you can keep it short or wear extended hair. Both are fine. :-)


  • 早前聖誕節收到一盒雙層絲絨Godiva 朱古力禮盒,恰巧我正需要一個首飾盒,吃完美味的朱古力,用來放新娘首飾,真好!

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